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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sweet Girl and I had a jolly good time today! We went shopping, baked cookies, she played in the pool. I am exhausted, but I expected that. Nonetheless, I am so excited about spending the next week with her! She is just the sweetest little girl, and very obedient. Of course, there is the novelty factor which will have worn off after a week with me. I'm not worried though. She may challenge her mother now and then, but from what I've seen she is a very good little girl.

Today's funny 5-year-old moment: It was 95 degrees today! For those of you in the south who are thinking that 95 is nothing, this is the equivalent to us northerners of a 20 below 0 winter to you. We rarely hit 95 here - maybe once in a year, if that - but when we do, we all just melt, like that senator guy in the first X-Men movie. Yeah, we're all a bunch of puddles of hot liquid jello sort of slithering everywhere we go.

(Speaking of melting, Sweet Girl told me today that her imaginary daisy was "melting like a snowman" because of the heat and lack of water. I'm pretty sure she meant it was wilting. Later, she got a terribly worried look on her face and said, "Oh no! You have water dripping off your head!" I explained that it was sweat and that it's perfectly normal when the temperature is an ungodly 95 degrees. Yes, I'm gushing over the all-surpassing cuteness that is my goddaughter. You got a problem with that?)

So Sweet Girl and I got in the dark colored car after it had been sitting in the store parking lot for about 45 minutes and I said, "Oh my goodness it is SO hot!" Sweet Girl, in her little elfin voice replied, "You got THAT right!" Ok, so maybe it was a "you had to be there" moment. I laughed out loud and she laughed along, even though she probably didn't know what I was laughing about.

My Geek got home sometime after 2 pm. That means he worked a 30 hour workday. That's actual work hours, not just waking hours. Waking hours would be more like 34! HOLY COW! Poor guy. He's upstairs getting some much-needed, well-deserved rest right now.

You know what the most amazing part is? He fixed my PC. The man worked from 8 am yesterday morning until at least 2 pm this afternoon and he managed to find the time to fix my PC. He is truly a saint. I'm reasonably sure I wouldn't have done that. I'll only admit it because he probably won't read this, but the man is so much better than me. Ok, maybe I'll tell him. I'm feeling pretty darned grateful.

I'm just so glad to have him back home. It's funny how comforting it is to know he's here now. It's only been a day and a half since I saw him last. There have certainly been times in the past 12 years when I've gone longer than that without seeing him. Heck, he was gone for computer training for 19 days once. I still haven't seen him yet - he's upstairs sleeping and I wasn't home when he got here - but I am so relieved to have him here with me. I can't wait until 5:30 when I can go up and wake him. I do love that sweet Geek.


At 6/23/2005 11:27 PM, Blogger Blond Girl wrote:

Gushing over your god-daughter? Nope, got no problem with that. None at all. I mean, she just so gushable, after all.

That kid loves you. Never forget it.

At 6/24/2005 7:18 PM, Blogger Heather wrote:

Sounds like you had a fun day! I hope you get some cuddle time in with your hardworking husband :-)

At 6/25/2005 11:07 AM, Blogger Sharon wrote:

I feel like I'm in a subtropical climate here. It's possible. I'm chuckling over the hot liquid Jell-O comment. I've never heard it put quite that way, but it is wonderfully descriptive.


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