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Where's the Popcorn?

Sunday, July 03, 2005

We spent a beautiful day out at the lake yesterday. The Geek's aunt and uncle live in a lake home about an hour and a half away from the bustling metropolis where we live. They hosted an early Indepence Day celebration for the family, so the Geek, the Scholar and I piled into the Scholar's car and headed for the country.

We had a great time! Food, family, and fun on the lake - how much better can it get? After lunch we were all out on the lawn and the kids were playing in the lake. The Scholar and the Fishwife went for a ride on the pontoon. It looked fun and refreshing so the Geek and I decided to do the same. We grabbed two life-jackets, put them on our seats and headed out to make a counter-clockwise turn around the lake.

Peddling was difficult since we were going against the current. There were several boats out on the lake and it was a little windy - factors that added up to a good workout for our legs. There was a small motor (very small) on the pontoon, but we didn't want to use that unless we absolutely had to.

We got out to the middle of the lake and paused for a while. We just basked in the sun, the fresh air, and that peace that can only be found in the center of a lake. It was beautiful. We could hear the laughter of family far behind us on the shore. We saw a magnificent blue-gray bird on the shore ahead of us, so we decided to get a closer look. Peddling again with all our might, we got close enough to see it was a crane, just as it took off into the air.


We turned around and continued our trek back across the lake. By this time our legs were getting pretty tired and we were fighting the current again, so we decided to use the motor. The Geek got off his seat and knelt down, lowered the little motor into the water, and started it. We heard laughter from across the lake - louder than before. We looked across to the family. The kids were jumping up and down in the water, laughing and yelling. Their words got lost on the water, but they sure seemed to be having fun. We figured the adults must be laughing at the children's antics.

As we slowly made our way across the lake, they continued jumping up and down and yelling. The laughter got more and more hilarious the closer we got. What in the world was so funny? We must be missing out on a great joke! We continued to approach the shore, and finally got close enough to hear their words. One of the kids yelled out to us, "How many life-jackets to you have?" I got a little defensive in my mind. I might be a novice on the water, but I do know that you always take one for each person on the boat! I lifted up two fingers like a peace sign. I was still sitting on my jacket and I looked over at the Geek's seat to see the other one.

It wasn't there. I looked at him, thinking maybe he put it on and I didn't notice. He wasn't wearing it. We looked at each other in wonder and horror. The family broke out in gut-busting laughter! The kids screamed, "Behind you, behind you!" We looked behind, and saw a tiny blue dot floating in the weeds - the life-jacket.

Great. Our legs were tired, but we knew what we had to do. One of the kids helped us turn the pontoon around and we headed back to retrieve the fugitive jacket. As we entered the weeds, the peddling got harder and harder. The weeds were mucking up the blades and I began to fear we might destroy their pontoon. Finally, I couldn't peddle any longer, so I switched places with the Geek. He peddled and I ran the motor. We approached the jacket and I reached out nervously and grabbed it, praying desperately that I would not fall off the deck. Cheers sounded from the shore followed by more racous laughter.

The little motor began to get bogged down with the weeds, so the Geek and I traded places again. He cleaned out the motor and we headed back to shore once again, guided by the oldest of the kids as the family just kept laughing. When we finally reached shore, we stood up, grabbed our life-jackets so the wind wouldn't blow them away again, and strode up the hill to face the ribbing we knew we were in for.

They laughed and laughed and told us that was the best entertainment they had experienced in a long time - better than any movie or TV, that's for sure! Later while eating ice cream and resting from our workout on the water, the Fishwife told us that her sister was about to go in and pop some popcorn so they could all be sitting there watching the Geek and Geekwif show when we finally made it ashore.

Well, I'm glad we could be entertaining. I'm sure we'll never live this one down!


At 7/03/2005 11:53 PM, Blogger Heather wrote:

Ah! But you worked off so many calories:-) I love going to the lake! Glad you had a good time.


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