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- Madeleine L'Engle, A Circle of Quiet


A Day in the Dark

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wow. What a day. A pretty severe storm took out our power last night at 7:30 pm and we just got it back about a half hour ago. 24 hours with no power. Thankfully there was not too much damage done in the area, though there were several trees down and many branches littering the yards and roads today. I'd blog about it but I'm just beat. We slept on the couches last night since it was too hot and stuffy upstairs in the bedroom. (No a/c, no fan, windows don't have screens.) So I didn't sleep well and have been achey all day. I know, whine whine whine. I really don't have anything to complain about, but I won't be blogging today.

Tomorrow I have a temp job so I may not get the first Friday Family Photo up either. The photos are not web optimized and are on another computer so it's not just a matter of a quick post. I promise to try to get the photo up on Saturday. Not a great way to start off my new theme, I know, but sometimes stuff happens.

Hopefully things will be back to normal after tomorrow. Sorry for the hiccup.


At 9/22/2005 9:34 PM, Blogger Trinity13 wrote:

24 hours with no power???!!! Crazy! I can not even imagine. I once got upset when the power was off for 2 hours...but 24!!! WOW!

Btw, Michele sent me!

At 9/23/2005 7:05 AM, Blogger Blond Girl wrote:

I can't believe you went 24 hours without power and now you're apologizing. How Geekwiffy is that?!? Take a breather, honey. We'll be waiting.

I had everyone at The Big Company laughing when I said the storm was a perfect Minnesota version of Hurricane Katrina. Everything was moving along calmly then BAM! No warning - the whole place blew up and then it was over. Much like a Minnesotan, no? We're pretty calm and collected - until we get mad and then its a big BAM! and it's over. Yeup, that's what we had on Wednesday; Hurrican Sven.

At 9/23/2005 8:27 AM, Blogger Oreo wrote:

Sorry you gots no power Mrs. Geek! Stay safe in the storm. Furry hugs to you.

At 9/24/2005 10:15 AM, Blogger Blond Girl wrote:

I was just playing Michele's weekend meet-n-greet and wound up at yellojkt. He tagged you for a meme.

Just thought you'd like to know!

At 9/24/2005 10:28 AM, Blogger Geekwif wrote:

Thanks for all your kind words and for making me feel better about not keeping up with my new schedule. Today's going to be busy, but I'm going to make time to do a little blogging.


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