“When anybody asks, 'What are you writing about now?' if I try to reply, the book-in-the-works sounds so idiotic to me that I think, 'Why am I trying to write that puerile junk?' So now I give up; if I could talk about it, I wouldn't have to write it."
- Madeleine L'Engle, A Circle of Quiet



Wednesday, November 30, 2005

WOO HOO! I finished my novel at 50,096 words (50,156 by NaNoWriMo's count for some reason - what the heck, I'll take it) tonight after spending the entire evening finishing up the last 4,835 words in one night. I am dreadfully tired and completely unable to form a coherent sentence in what is now a head full of mush which might once have been a brain, but I am deliriously proud of myself.

So congratulations to me! And congratulations to my favorite geek too, who finished at an impressive 50,307 words! Congratulations to the whole silly bunch of us NaNoWriMo winners! What can I say?

We rock!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone (especially those of you who live here in the US) who might stumble across my blog today. I wish you all a wonderful day filled with all the particular joys of this holiday like overstuffed (but not painfully so) bellies, good sleepy naps, and tables that look as lovely as the one in this picture. (Okay, my table has never looked like that, but it is lovely don't you think?)

Of course, if you want to avoid the nap part, you could always come take a walk in the brisk weather we're having here today. That'll wake you up! I promise!

In the spirit of the holiday, it seems the thing to do is to list the things I am grateful for. Well, I do have much to be grateful for - a roof over my head, sweet fluffy kitties who love to be loved, a job that pays reasonably well, the promise of building a dream home next year. There is one thing I am most grateful for though, and that is my sweet Geek. He is my source of sanity when I don't even want to be sane. He can make me smile even when I don't want to smile. One glimpse of his goofy grin coming through the door each night and all the annoyances of the day don't seem so important anymore. He is the one person in this world that I trust and love above all others, and I am so very grateful for him.

Ahem. (Sorry for the sap blitz there.) So to all of you, have a wonderful, beautiful Thanksgiving day! I hope you are able to remember all the reasons you have to be grateful today.


27937 And Counting!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm moving forward with my word count. I'm technically about 400 words behind schedule at this point, but that can easily be caught up this weekend. You'd be surprised how many words you can toss onto a page in a very short amount of time. Actually, you might not be surprised since most of the people reading this are bloggers.

So the novel is progressing, but not nearly as quickly as I had planned. At 27,937 words, my main character, who is a fictional version of my grandmother, is only 7 years old. It will be interesting to see how old she is at the end of 50,000 words. I can already tell some things I would do differently if I could start again, and there will be extensive editing done at the end of this month, but that's not what NaNo is about. It's about spitting those 50,000 words onto the page without thinking too hard about them or making them particularly pretty or grammatically perfect. (That's the hardest part for me. I always check my grammar after writing anything. I just know I'm going to go back later and be appalled at all the grammatical changes I have to make.)

So, anyway, I have blog post ideas backing up like traffic on Hwy 169 in rush hour. (I guess that makes NaNoWriMo the little old man in the Buick driving 35 mph on the freeway holding up the traffic for miles behind him.) Don't expect to see any of those ideas here until after November 30th. After that, watch out, because baby I've got memes and post ideas comin' out the ying yang. It's gonna be least for me...and I hope for you too.

Until then, many thanks once again to those who have been cheering me on! Cheers to the cheerers!

P.S. I'll try to get another exerpt up soon. It's hard coming up with one without going into premature editing mode, but I'll try.


Progress Check

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Just a quick post on my way out the door. I must lament the fact that my beloved progress meter is gone! Alas, I loved him for but a few days, and then he left me, cold and friendless. Well, hopefully not friendless.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who loved the NaNoWriMoProMe (National Novel Writing Month Progress Meter). The creator had to take it off line because he couldn't handle the bandwidth. Getting nasty messages from the ISP and such.

So I am meterless once again. It was a bittersweet experience. If you are desperate to know how far I am on my novel, and I know you are, you can always check up on my progress at my profile on the NaNo site.

For those who took the time to come read this, I'll tell you now, I'm at 13337. A bit behind (I blame Blond Girl for inviting me to go shopping at Michael's last night!), but I have tomorrow off so I can catch up and perhaps even get ahead a bit!

Now I must go, for the people who pay me to sit at a computer all day are anxiously awaiting my arrival. Ciao!


Will I Win? (Otherwise Known As "Yet Another Stupid Quiz")

Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm tired tonight, so this post might be a little disjointed...and wierd...and short. I'm still going to write my word quota for the night, but I'm tired, so I'm procrastinating a bit. In my brilliant efforts at procrastination I ran across the following quiz at Purple Elephant's blog. Of course, I just had to do it. And guess what? The makers of the quiz think I'm going to win! Isn't that just special and sparkly?

Oh, and if you haven't noticed there is a lovely word counter on the sidebar so you can easily keep up with my progress...if you really want to. Blond Girl saw it at Rashbre's blog and suggested it. Since I'm completely obsessed with NaNoWriMo now, I just had to have it. It's mine, all mine! MUahahahah!

Yeah, I told you I was tired. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Hooray for you! You're going to win Nanowrimo!
Persistence and hardwork reap great rewards.

It's Nanowrimo Time! Will you reach 50K? What kind of novel will you write?
brought to you by Quizilla


Lime Green???

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I should be tired of these quiz things. I should be sick of them and rolling my eyes at the mere thought of posting yet another. But I followed a link today and ended up taking this quiz. It was just too accurate to pass up posting it.

Oh, and by the way, for anyone who is interested, I am now at 8543 words in my NaNo novel - right on track. If you want to read a short exerpt, there's a new one posted at my author profile.

Your Power Color Is Lime Green

At Your Highest:

You are adventurous, witty, and a visionary.

At Your Lowest:

You feel misunderstood, like you don't fit in.

In Love:

You have a tough exterior, but can be very dedicated.

How You're Attractive:

Your self-awareness and confidence lights up a room.

Your Eternal Question:

"What else do I need in my life?"


Writing Away In NaNoWriMoVille

Friday, November 04, 2005

I thought I should post a quick update here on my NaNo progress. I do not intend to post chapters as I go, but if you are interested in following my progress, you can view my profile at the NaNoWriMo website. My current word count is there, which I update every night before going to bed. There is also a short exerpt from my novel posted there, which I may change now and then as I make progress. There will be no full manuscript posted, but rather just enough words to intrigue...hopefully.

As I mentioned before, the Geek is participating as well. He is ahead of me by a couple hundred words, but I comfort myself with the fact that he has done this before. He jokingly likes to call it CraNoWriMo, for Crap Novel Writing Month, since the idea is not to write a brilliant novel, but rather to just get 50,000 words on the page no matter how good or bad they might be. The founder suggests that writers aim for a novel that doesn't make people want to throw up, so we joke about our crap novels, reminding each other in moments of self-critiquing weakness, that we aren't aiming for perfection - just volume.

I must gather my things and leave for work now, but I want to thank all of you who encouraged me in my endeavor with your comments to my previous post. You are all too kind. I hope that maybe I will inspire some of you to join the insanity fun next year! It's quite the trip.

5104 words and counting!


Why I Can Finally Classify Myself As Certifiably Insane

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I did it. I signed up for NaNoWriMo yesterday. For anyone not familiar with that term, it's short for National Novel Writing Month. To describe it in a very few words, it's an international event (thanks to the mighty internet) where thousands of people dedicate themselves to writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. And it starts today!

I've been contemplating this act of madness in my very private little head for over a month now, but I finally signed up yesterday. I've been simultaneously working on my novel idea and working up the courage to break the news to the Geek (since he will bear the brunt of my neglect for the next 30 days) for the past month. I made my final decision for my novel subject 2 days ago, signed up at NaNoWriMo's website yesterday, and told the Geek this morning.

My fear was that he would remind me of all the reasons I already know why I shouldn't do this. (The main reason being that I'm just too busy.) Instead (and I should have known this) his reaction was beyond supportive and encouraging. In fact, he is going to join me in the endeavour! He is behind me reading the companion book, No Plot? No Problem! at this very moment.

So why, you may ask, does this all add up to Certifiable Insanity? Because a) I have never written prose in my life. Lyrics, yes. Poetry, a little. No prose. and b) writing 50,000 words in 30 days is quite time consuming. However, insanity aside, I expect this to be an incredible experience, if sometimes frustrating, whether I am successful or not.

I could blog on about this - there is much more to be said - but I must begin writing my novel! I'm already 20 hours behind schedule! Only 700 more hours to go! AAAHHHH!!!

If you would like more info about NaNoWriMo, you can visit their website at