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Feeling Sad Today

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The house won't quite be on the market yet tomorrow as we had hoped, but it should be within a few days. Thursday, the realtor comes and we sign papers. The problem with selling a house when you have pets, as some of you may know, is that you can't have pets in the house when your house is susceptible to showing at any moment of any day. Plus, apparently people get all freaked out if they find out there's been a pet (or two or three or five) in the house.

Thus, today is a very sad day in the Geek household.

Yes, you counted right. There are five of them.
From left to right: Maestro, Mozart, YoYo, Diva, and Beethoven's butt.

Today, we send our kitties away for a while. My parents have generously offered their basement as a home for our pets for the next couple months or so. We will make it as comfy as possible and will visit them every day, but they will be sorely missed. There will be no Mozart greeting us cheerfully when we come home each night; no YoYo laying on my chest as I fall asleep or Beethoven softly snoring above my head; no Maestro to curl up next to me as I wake up in the morning; and no Diva to greet us with happy meows and purrs when we come downstairs each morning.

We will miss them, but soon the house will sell, we will begin building our new home, and then they can come back to live with us again.


At 2/28/2006 9:13 AM, Blogger Jeana wrote:

You named your cat Beethoven's Butt? Poor guy! And let me guess--YoYo's mother was named YoYo Ma. HA HA HA HA AHA HA HA!!!!

At 2/28/2006 1:31 PM, Blogger Corina Bowen wrote:

ahh, I miss my house of animals! I had 2 cats and a dog (hardest to get over)... My husband is allergic to animals! :-)

At 2/28/2006 2:11 PM, Anonymous HolyMama! wrote:

so, i guess they're kinda mad, the way they all have their backs to you? And I really worried there for a second, because I thought 4 kitties had lovely names and one was named Beethoven's Butt. Which would not have been nice, but i see now that's not what you meant.

oh mygosh, just read jeana's comment. HAHAHA not just me. Poor Beethoven. They'll have each other - and that will help a lot, don't you think?

At 2/28/2006 3:37 PM, Blogger Kristi wrote:

Oh, this post is so sad! I would miss my three kitties so much, as I'm sure you do. I hope your house sells quickly, so you all can be reunited soon.


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