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It's Hard To Think Positive When You Can't Breathe

Monday, February 06, 2006

I scheduled two days off from work this week (today and tomorrow) so that I could have a long weekend to get the house ready to sell (again). We're meeting with the realtor on Thursday, and I want to have this place ready to go by then, even if it's not on the market for another week or two after that. (I have no idea how long it takes a realtor to get a house on the market.)

Saturday I got the kitchen and it's adjoining closet sparkly clean. I had grand plans for Sunday, today, and tomorrow, but on Saturday night my head decided to conspire against me as it allowed a raging headcold to infest it. Nice timing, head.

Yesterday was largely unproductive except for a few loads of laundry, so today I have to catch up with that laundry and get the entire first floor decluttered and clean as a whistle. Tomorrow my plan is to do the same upstairs. Of course, all I really want to do is take Nyquil and curl up in a ball on the couch and sleep until this thing goes away, but instead I get to be on my feet all day today and tomorrow. Fun.

Debra over at "As I See It Now" has a much better attitude about this whole "cold" thing. I'm trying, I really am. Anyone have a needle with a quick dose of energy for me? I could use it. A little oxygen would be nice too. It's hard to come by when your nose and throat are clogged with snot and swollen shut.

So for now, I'm going to wait for the Sudafed to kick in, and then it's back to work. Sudafed is my friend.

I'll try to remember to let you know how it went when it's all done; and Hot Rod Mama, I have not forgotten you, but it may still be a bit before I get those exerpts posted for you. I've got to get this house done first.


At 2/06/2006 10:45 AM, Blogger Kristi wrote:

Colds stink. Sorry you're under the weather, and being under the weather when you have so much work to do has got to be frustrating. I had a cold a few weeeks ago, and I basically funneled orange juice 24/7. And my cold only lasted a few days.

At 2/06/2006 12:22 PM, Blogger Indigo wrote:

Good luck selling your house! I need to get into gear and sell mine, just not sure I *really* want to though. LOL! I know, makes no sense. I want my cake and eat it too.

At 2/06/2006 2:41 PM, Anonymous HolyMama! wrote:

I'm off to clean, too! (Unexpected houseguest) I do have the luxury of oxygen, though, so hang in there!

At 2/06/2006 10:37 PM, Blogger Blond Girl wrote:

I'm sorry you're not feeling well! uugg!

Oh - I finally posted something... and I am visiting you... will wonders never cease?

Listen, Sweet Girl and I will be available after 4:00 tomorrow. Can I come by with her and help you for a couple of hours? If we put her in front of the tv with some Veggie-tales, I know I can help you get a lot done. Just text me or email me or call me or send smoke signals or whatever.....

Oh yeah, and Kristi's right - lots of OJ, girl.. and some zinc, too. (yea, I know - I sound like my mom, but at least I'm not trying to make you buy anything!)

At 2/07/2006 12:13 PM, Blogger yellojkt wrote:

All my blog friends are sick this week. I hope it's not contagious. Get better soon.

At 2/07/2006 2:00 PM, Anonymous HolyMama! wrote:

Breathe, Geekwif!
Stop cleaning and take a few deep breaths. (Away from the smelly cleaning products.)In..... Out.... In.... Out....


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