“When anybody asks, 'What are you writing about now?' if I try to reply, the book-in-the-works sounds so idiotic to me that I think, 'Why am I trying to write that puerile junk?' So now I give up; if I could talk about it, I wouldn't have to write it."
- Madeleine L'Engle, A Circle of Quiet



Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's been awhile since I posted one of those silly quiz things, and I'm up to other mischief today, so you get to find out what my French name would be and what that says about me. It's mostly correct, but not entirely. I really just like this picture.

Autumn winds
Your French name is
which means 'sky'.
You are a day dreamer. You sit and stare at the
clouds, wishing that you could be somewhere
else. You love to imagine what life could be
like if you were someone else, somewhere else.
You are curious and sometimes inattentive.

What is your French name?
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At 3/26/2006 7:47 PM, Blogger Jeana wrote:

Love those Spock ears. AND, LOVE your new design!

At 3/26/2006 8:19 PM, Blogger yellojkt wrote:

Like the new design. On my browser, it needs just a little left margin in the main window. I need to get some skilz and update my template. You are a geek in you own right.

At 3/26/2006 10:45 PM, Blogger Blond Girl wrote:

OK, so Wow! It is real. That's what I get for noticing your test blog site first... anyway, LOVE IT!

I posted about SG's healing... you'll have to tell me what you think.

At 3/26/2006 11:06 PM, Anonymous HolyMama! wrote:

pretty pretty site!!


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