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More Random Thoughts (With Pictures!)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I feel like posting pictures today. It's been a quiet day, but a busy day – off and on – sort of.

Yesterday was a bit crazy. We packed up the car with boxes, and drove out to our future hometown (slightly over an hour drive) to rent a storage space. It's time to start moving things out so people who want to buy our house can actually see the house beyond the clutter. Then we drove another 1/2 hour to the Geek's grandparents' home to pick up a truck we're borrowing from/taking care of for his parents while they are in Peru. We drove the truck back to future hometown and out to our future home.
The camper we'll be living in while we build our house this summer.

Of course, we always have to snap a few photos when we're out there, so the Geek posed nicely for this picture, just before he scooped up a giant snowball to whip at me.
After the snowball fight, we hopped back in the truck, drove back to current hometown, loaded up the truck with boxes, drove back to future hometown, unloaded truck at storage space, dropped it off back at grandparents' home, picked up our car, drove back to future hometown, had dinner, and drove back to current hometown. By the time we were home it was about 11:00 pm, but it was a good day. We love a good road trip, especially when it takes us to our future home, and yesterday was so nice and sunny and about 40 degrees. Great weather for a late winter road trip.

Another picture of our lot yesterday with a pic of someone else's dome home super-imposed over the spot where ours will be built. I faded it out purposely so you could see the rest of the lot. Kind of ghostly, dontcha think?

Today was a mix of good and bad. It was cloudy, rainy, snowy, and sleety which is good because it's warm outside, but bad because it's so gray and damp. I wasn't feeling well (bad), so we skipped church. (deep breaths) Since we were gone all day yesterday, the laundry wasn't even started (bad), so my very sweet Geek took over laundry for the day while I worked on some computer projects (good).

Late this afternoon, before our realtor came over to sign papers so our house can go on the market tomorrow (very good), we took the kitties over to my parents' home where they will stay for a while (very bad). They didn't take it very well – not that we expected them to – but they will get used to it. We'll be visiting them every day, so hopefully we they won't get too lonely.

In the meantime, it is very very very quiet around here. We ordered Chinese and didn't have to choose who would pay the delivery guy and who would block the cats from getting outside. I keep hearing little noises and thinking it must be the cats, but it's not. I think I'm going to have kitties on the brain for a while. I certainly do tonight. Since they're on my mind, I'll leave you with a couple more pictures of our sweet little furballs.

Anyone who has ever had a cat is familiar with this look.
In Maestro's case, it means, "Sshh. I'm hiding. Don't tell the other cats where I am, okay?"

Boy, if looks could kill! Take a look at Maestro glaring at YoYo and Mozart.
Chances are he was there first and he's not big on sharing space with other cats.
Oh, and the horribly ugly couch? GONE. Yay!
I'm sure the trash guy loved us for making him take that one.


At 3/06/2006 4:50 AM, Blogger yellojkt wrote:

I need ot learn photoshop skilz like that. The dome home will look great some day.

At 3/06/2006 6:04 AM, Blogger Oreo wrote:

AW, AW, why don't they have their own bloggie?!?!?!

At 3/06/2006 8:15 AM, Blogger Kristi wrote:

That dome home is so neat! And your lot looks beautiful. I remember driving past my house before we closed on it a million time, taking anyone who cared to see it with me, so I understand where you're coming from. Hope you have a quick kitty reunion.

At 3/06/2006 1:22 PM, Blogger dome home builder wrote:

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i built one of these in tool texas,

pics at

At 3/06/2006 9:26 PM, Blogger Blond Girl wrote:

OK. LOVE the superimposed picture... It's like a goal in photo intead of words.

Sorry the kitties are away, but you know that Hot Rod Mama will take good care of them and hopefully Noel and um.. oops... can't think of the other kitty... will treat their houseguest with some form of sweetnes...

At 3/07/2006 12:00 AM, Anonymous HolyMama! wrote:

ok, the ghost dome house rocks. are you building one of those? very cool. but hello? could the Geek take a pic of the Geekwif, please?

At 3/07/2006 8:06 AM, Blogger flipflop wrote:

cool place!

At 3/08/2006 2:25 PM, Blogger Corina Bowen wrote:

great pics!! I can barely figure out my camera let alone how to do the "ghostly thing"!!

At 3/09/2006 10:17 AM, Blogger Julie Carobini wrote:

Isn't it a crack up how we have to empty our houses and/or rearrange the remaining furniture to sell our houses? You must watch HGTV too!

The dome house does look cool, only, do you have to duck when you walk around??? Just wondering :-)


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