“When anybody asks, 'What are you writing about now?' if I try to reply, the book-in-the-works sounds so idiotic to me that I think, 'Why am I trying to write that puerile junk?' So now I give up; if I could talk about it, I wouldn't have to write it."
- Madeleine L'Engle, A Circle of Quiet


A Career For The Geekwif?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

For as long as I can remember, I've been trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Now, thanks to a cheesy personality test, I finally know! I think I'll pass on the stage actor (the paparazzi is a killer) and the psychiatrist (I just can't hear myself saying, "So, tell me about your mother."), but otherwise most of these look good! Well, certainly better than staring at a computer screen all day training people how to use software I care nothing about.

So what's your career personality?

Your Career Personality: Original, Devoted, and Service Oriented

Your Ideal Careers:

Art director
Book editor
College professor
Film director
Graphic designer
Stage actor


What On A Plane???

Friday, August 25, 2006

This morning I was at the sink in the bathroom when I saw something move behind the soap dispenser. I peered around it, and sure enough there was a huge, nasty, creepy crawly thing there. Living in a house that is almost 100 years old, we have a lot of them, and no matter how long I live with them, I never get any more comfortable with them.

I jumped back with a "yeeep!" and then gave my best, most plaintive plea for help.


He always knows what that means.

"Yeeess?" he answered tentatively.

Sweetly, "Come be my hero?"

No immediate answer.

"There's a spider in here the size of my hand."

"Does that mean you want me to come get rid of it?"

Meekly, "Um, yes."

Of course when he saw it, he corrected my logic as is required by all men.

"That's not anywhere near the size of your hand!"

Well, yeah. My butt isn't really the size of Texas or China either, but my analogies alternate regularly between the two.

So, he came, with deadly paper towel in hand, and my hero slew the dragon and dropped it in the garbage. Of course, he was properly rewarded with kisses and praises from the damsel.

You know, I'm not terribly fond of snakes, but if they wanted to make a really scary movie?

They'd call it "Spiders On A Plane".


Thursday Thirteen - #5

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Ways To Open A Door

1. The Movie Cop - Listen at the door. Step back, shoot out the lock and kick down the door.

2. The Movie Spy - Open the door to get a better look at the bad guys inside, never thinking that they might notice the light shining in the room from the doorway or the sound of the door opening.

3. The Sleep-walker - While sleep-walking, stumble into the door, bouncing off of it and stumbling back a few steps. Repeat until awakened by the bruise on your head.

4. The Clutz - Same as the Sleep-walker, but while awake.

5. The Geekwif - Open the door. Walk through. Forget to close the door completely and inadvertently let the cats out.

6. The Passive/Aggressive - Walk through the door and slam it shut. Wait to see if anyone reacts. When no one does, open the door and slam it shut again, only harder this time.

7. The Fonz - Enter the room, slick back your hair, strike a pose and wait for the applause.

8. The Star Trek - Walk through the doorway as it magically slides open on its own.

9. The Inigo Montoya - Body slam the door with your shoulder repeatedly and unsuccessfully.

10. The Fezzig - Shove Inigo aside, hit the door once with your hand, knocking it off its hinges, and step aside for Inigo to enter.

11. The Charlie's Angels - Kick the door down with your stilletto heels. Run into the room, shake your head to make your hair do that movie star swish while your two friends run in and stand next to you. Strike a pose with your gun pointed.

12. The Lara Croft - Notice the locked door at the end of a 100' hallway. Maneuever the ancient box onto the depression in the ancient stone floor. Notice the door opening at the end of the hallway. Make a mad dash toward the door, jumping over deadly spikes in the floor, dodging poison darts shooting out of the walls, and avoiding giant rolling boulders trying to crush you, all while shooting two pistols simultaneously and continuously to ward off the mercenaries, undead creatures, and wild animals that try to ambush you along the way. Dive and slide under the door just as it is about to slam shut again.

13. The Kramer - Stumble through the doorway, tripping over your own feet and nearly falling over. Then right yourself, and with a slightly dazed look on your face, act as though nothing is unusual at all.

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The Ending

Saturday, August 19, 2006

For those who wanted to know, I described the ending of Sweet Home Alabama in a comment in the previous post.


Thanks For the Suggestions!

Sweet Home AlabamaSo I ended up at Blockbuster last night with a list of 12 movies to choose from, based on your recommendations. Thank you!
I decided to see Sweet Home Alabama at Jeana's suggestion. Great movie! Light-hearted and fun, which is exactly what I was looking for last night. I laughed, I cried, but I laughed more than I cried which of course means it met criteria #3.

There was an alternate ending – actually the original ending – in the DVD extras. OH MY GOODNESS, am I ever glad that they changed it. The original ending would have ruined the entire movie. If you ever rent/buy this movie on DVD, you have to be sure to watch it. Horrible, I tell you, horrible! The other ending, not the movie. Okay, I'm making this too confusing.

Just watch the movie, darn it. It's good!

Just Like HeavenFor my second movie, I was going to get Saving Grace. A co-worker recommended it and it sounded really funny. Unfortunately, BB didn't carry it, nor did they carry Enchanted April, which Ginger suggested and I really wanted to check out. But while I was browsing, I ran across Just Like Heaven and decided to watch it since I couldn't get the others. I guess it was just destined to be a Reese Witherspoon kinda night.

JLH was fun too, and funny. The character is similar to the female lead in SHA – somewhat high-strung, career driven girl who is forced by her circumstances to take the time to re-evaluate what is really important to her. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this one a lot. In fact, it may even find it's way into my personal DVD library.

Mark Ruffalo is great. I liked him in 13 Going On 30 (love that movie!) for the same reason I liked him in this one. He seems real. He's not drop-dead gorgeous. He just plays a real genuine guy very well.

So there you have it. There are a few of your suggestions I still want to check out, like Saving Grace, Enchanted April, Muriel's Wedding. Most of the others you suggested I've already seen and many I even own and love.

Thanks again for your help, girls! (And guy!) It was a nice quiet, enjoyable evening at home, thanks to you.

Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot one very important thing! I inadvertently ran across my favorite ice cream last night when I was grocery shopping! Woo hoo! Perfect way to top off the night.


Help Me Out, Girls!

Friday, August 18, 2006

As far as I know, most of you who read my blog are girls. (I'm only aware of one guy who reads my blog, and yellojkt, if you have any suggestions you're welcome to add your 2 cents too.) I've heard there are girls out there who don't like chick flicks, but I personally have never met one. So where are you girls when I need you?!!

Maybe you missed my request for help.

I thought I'd get a flood of suggestions. Everyone has a favorite movie or two or three. What's yours? If someone asked me to suggest my favorite chick flicks, I'd have to say "Pride and Prejudice" (A&E version, of course), Ever After, Under the Tuscan Sun, Anne of Green Gables.... The list could go on and on. Problem is I already own and have seen those a hundred times. I'm looking for something new (to me) or something I haven't seen in a while.

I gave some
criteria, but you have permission to stray a little if you have a great suggestion that doesn't match what you see there. I'm going to Blockbuster on my way home from work tonight, so please – if you have any suggestions for me, let me know.

I'm coming up blank here, Girls! Help me!

P.S. Many thanks to Jeana who gave some great suggestions. I'm considering Walk the Line because of you, Jeana, though I must confess I'm not a huge fan of country music. I know. I'm a heathen. I've heard good things about that movie though.

P.P.S. If you're one who doesn't like chick flicks and really don't have any suggestions for me, you could suggest a wine. Preferably dry and red, though I'm open to white if you can convince me I'll like it.


Thursday Thirteen - #4

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Please go see my post from yesterday. I'm desperate. I need your help to make my lonely Friday night a perfect Girl's Night In!

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Things I Learned This Week

1. Those $15 clippers at Target don't work at all on a big fluffy cat.

Diva - Before

2. Orange tabby cats are almost never female. Apparently I have a rare cat.

3. Big fluffy cats with poodle cuts look really funny and make me giggle like a 9-year-old girl.

Diva - After

4. Big fluffy cats whose fur has been shaved feel like rich, soft, plush velvet – but only when you brush them one way. The other way they feel like a brillo pad.

5. A person who is over 70 years old and has never used a computer in his life should not be forced by a sales rep to start using a computer when he could use a telephone with which he is perfectly comfortable, familiar, and competent.

6. Cars that have over 120,000 miles on them break down a lot.

7. It's really expensive to fix cars that have over 120,000 miles on them and break down a lot, but still not as expensive as a car payment.

8. Mortgage bankers don't care if you work until 5:00 and can't get out of it. They leave at 5:00 sharp and assume that if you want a loan bad enough you'll find a way to get there at 4:00.

8. Puppies are really really really really really really hard to train...and they pee...a lot.

9. It's not unusual for a puppy to chew on a person even if it is unpleasant.

10. When you take your puppy to the vet for the first time, the doctor will suggest so many vaccinations that you begin to think your puppy is about to become a pin cushion.

11. You will also begin to wonder if you'll be able to build that house you're dreaming of after paying the bill for all the vaccinations.

12. Veterinarians casually throw around certain words pertaining to female puppy body parts that will embarrass you because you don't even say those words to your husband, even if they are proper terminology.

13. Every once in a while you can't help but sit down and just let your puppy snarf all over your face (exception: lips - no snarfing of the lips) with her sweet puppy kisses because she's just that cute.

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Girl's Night In

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I need your help!

My Geek is taking a business trip this weekend. His company has a sister company in Texas and he's going out for a little cross-training with the IT guys there.

That's right my southern blogging friends. The Geek is heading out your direction, y'all. Be sure to shout out a good big southern welcome to him sometime between Thursday morning and Saturday afternoon. If enough of you join in, maybe he'll hear it!

While I will miss him terribly, I've decided to enjoy the time alone – especially Friday night. Friday is our date night. It's sacred and never to be broken except under the most dire of circumstances. Unfortunately, it will be broken this weekend since we'll have the entire depth of the USA between us. He will call me sometime in the evening and we'll have a good long talk, but then he'll go his way to play games with the friend whose house he's staying at.

Meanwhile, I have plans of my own for this Friday night. I plan on spending my evening indulging in a couple chick flicks, a glass of wine, and maybe some Ben and Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio.

This is where you all come in. I've seen so many chick flicks in my life and I've loved most of them, but right now I'm stuck. I can't come up with a single movie title that I want to see, and yet I know there are so many I would enjoy. I'm just drawing a blank. I need you to make some suggestions for me. If you had an evening alone (except for the puppy and the cats) what movies would you watch? I don't sleep well when my sweetie isn't home, so I'll probably watch two or three movies.

Here is my criteria:

1. It has to be a chick flick. If you're a chick, you know what I mean. No blood and gore, no violence, no heroes saving whole cities or the world. If he's going to save anyone it's gotta be the girl.

2. It can't be too sappy. I like sap, but not super sap. For instance, Beaches and Steel Magnolias are out - too sappy, not enough funny. Which leads me to number...

3. It has to be funny. A tear here or there is fine. I don't mind that at all. But I have to laugh out loud more than I cry, unless, of course, it's Jane Austen. I own Pride and Prejudice, but it doesn't quite live up to number 5, so unfortunately it's out.

4. Preferably no Cameron Diaz. I've tried to like her movies, but I just can't do it.

5. It's okay if I've seen it before, but not within the last 6-9 months. Of course, you won't know this one (except for the hint I gave in #3) so you'll just have to find out after making your suggestions.

Help me please! I need your input. Your reward? Helping out a fellow blogger in need and living vicariously through me as I thoroughly enjoy my girl's night in!


The Real Me

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Anyone who knows me, knows I love personality quizzes. Blond Girl and I used to sit on Saturday mornings over breakfast and a pile of fashion magazines, take these quizzes and then compare. We never really believed in their validity as evidenced by the fact that we would thoroughly pick the evaluations apart. "Oh that is so like me!" or "Okay, don't know where they got that!"

Personal DNA
I still love a good quiz, as you can probably tell from some of my posts here. They're just so fun! Jennifer over at Sob'ah My Soul linked to a great site with a really cool personality quiz. Seriously, it's like a personality quiz on steroids. There are sliders and grids and all kinds of cool official-looking stuff! I still know enough to be skeptical of its validity, but in the end, it seemed pretty accurate to me.

According to, I'm a Generous Dreamer. You can read more about me at the link below if you want, but the really fun part is taking the test yourself. Go on. You know you want to! Who is the real you? Come back and tell me in a comment, or post it on your own blog and let me know!

My Personal Dna Report


How Much Of A Geek Am I Really?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Your Geek Profile:

Fashion Geekiness: High
Geekiness in Love: Moderate
Internet Geekiness: Moderate
SciFi Geekiness: Moderate
Movie Geekiness: Low
Academic Geekiness: None
Gamer Geekiness: None
General Geekiness: None
Music Geekiness: None

And how much does it scare me that my highest level of geekiness is in fashion!!!???

(Go visit factor 10 to see where I got this.)


There's A Name For That

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I have a dilemma. Actually, I had a dilemma. Thanks to Jeana, that dilemma has now been resolved.

Several years ago, my Geek and I decided to become vegetarians. As with many of the decisions we make, we made this decision for somewhat non-traditional reasons. While we adore animals, we did not do it for animal rights. We did it for health because of the nasty stuff that lives in meat and for Biblical reasons.

We had a friend who had recently gone through a "detoxification" program. (Not the alcohol/drug type.) We were shocked and appalled to find out what is living in our bodies because of the meat we eat. Neither of us did the detox ourselves, but we figured at least we would not be adding to the problem.

When God created Adam and Eve, he only have them plants to eat. The animals were subject to them, but they did not eat them. God only gave humans permission to eat meat after the flood, at which point it is very likely people had begun to eat meat anyway, with or without God's permission.

Based on that, we figured that God made our bodies to live off of vegetables in his original design, which led us to what seemed like the logical conclusion that we would be healthier if we eat only what God originally intended.

Now, all that said, I absolutely do not judge anyone for eating meat. This is not a matter of "I'm doing it right and you're doing it wrong". God did, afterall, give us permission to eat meat, so I have no basis or right to judge. I am simply explaining why we chose to eat this way.

Since that time, the Geek and I have both begun to eat meat on occasion – he moreso than I. I try to eat veggie, and find that I actually prefer it in most cases. We never cook meat at home. All dishes that I prepare are vegetarian. The problem is that some restaurants that we really like don't offer much for vegetarian options and eating the same dish every time we go to a particular restaurant can get very dull.

Also, while my friends are graciously accomodating, it is difficult to stick with a vegetarian diet when you are a guest at someone's table. Thus, I will usually eat whatever is placed before me, but I do certainly appreciate that my close friends make special efforts to give me vegetarian options.

So, the dilemma with which I have been faced is this: what am I?

I'm not exactly a vegetarian since I eat meat sometimes. When asked, I usually end up saying something confusing like "I'm a vegetarian – well, most of the time, but I do eat chicken once in a while, but only when it's pretty much the only option – well, once in a while it's not the only option – but I do eat veggie most of the time, and always at home, unless we're ordering Chinese delivery...."

What a pain in the tuckus!

However, my woes are now over. Jeana has solved this problem. I was reading her Thursday 13 this week and followed her link from #6 to read her true confessions. Number 6 of her true confessions answered my question once and for all.

I am no longer a "part-time sort-of vegetarian when it's convenient". I now have a name. I'm a flexitarian!


I am, however, very glad to say that I am most certainly not a freegan. What goes in the garbage can, stays in the garbage can.


Thursday 13 - #2

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thirteen Things I'm Running Short On

1. Paper towels

2. Lysol in a pump spray

3. Little garbage bags

4. Clean floor space

5. Puppy food

6. Puppy treats

7. Chew sticks

8. Places to put things where Raz can't get to them

9. Energy

10. Patience

11. Skin on my feet

12. Time

13. But never ever short on sweet puppy kisses

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Someone Likes Me!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I...I just don't know what to say. There are so many people to thank. I just know I'm going to forget someone and then they'll never speak comment to me again. It just...well, it just means so much to me, and well, it's like the perfect dream, you know? I mean, I get to live a dream, people. I'm living in a dream! (Really, I should be dreaming. It's 2 freaking 45 in the morning!!!)

I'd like to thank the Academy Jeana! And all the fans, you guys are just so great! I couldn't do it without you. Oh yeah, and thanks to Cherokee by Target for my gown! And...well...I guess that's all. Thank you! Thank you! (mwaah mwaah) I'll never forget you all. Thank you!!