“When anybody asks, 'What are you writing about now?' if I try to reply, the book-in-the-works sounds so idiotic to me that I think, 'Why am I trying to write that puerile junk?' So now I give up; if I could talk about it, I wouldn't have to write it."
- Madeleine L'Engle, A Circle of Quiet


A Snapshot Of My Crazy Messed Up Brain

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The NaNoWriMo novel is not doing so well. I haven't written anything since last Friday – almost a week ago. The weekend was busy. Then Monday morning I woke up, looked around the house, and realized what a disaster it was. Or was that Tuesday? I can't keep track.

Anyway, the kitchen floor was filthy with Raspberry's paw prints. She's a puppy. She likes to dig. She's really good at digging and she brings half of what she digs up back in with her, stuck to her paws. Then she steps in the water she sloshes out of her dish when drinking and creates one big mud puddle out of my kitchen floor. A masterpiece to her, I'm sure...not so much to me.

The rest of the house is suffering too. Raz has not had any influence on those rooms, but my own neglect has. So I haven't written since then. And my house is still a disaster. How does that happen?

A word to the wise: looking around the house during NaNoWriMo month is a novel killer. Who cares about killing off characters. They'll never get anywhere anyway if their story never gets written in the first place.

Speaking of which, you should really see Stranger Than Fiction if you haven't already. This is the best movie I've seen in a long time. The characters are incredibly interesting. By the end of the movie I genuinely cared what happened to them. The story was very well written, and...well, you just really should go see it.

Back to NaNoWriMo...

I kind of gave up on the novel. I'm somewhere in the vicinity of 17,000 words behind at this point. That means I need to write 29,000 words in the next week. That's right. There is only one week left of November. One week left until December 1st. One week left before NaNoWriMo 2006 is gone forever.

On the other hand, I have a four-day weekend. Today is shot with cooking and visiting and stuff (Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!), but I might be able to do some catching up for the next three days. Not to mention that I can stay up as late as I want for the next 3 days since I can sleep late the next morning.

Guess we'll see what happens. I've been reluctant to start it up again, feeling like writing a novel that will never be published is a ridiculous waste of time. There's got to be a good reason that it isn't, and I want to write – not just NaNo but other things too – but at the moment, most of the things I do with my time seem like a big waste of time...except getting my house whipped into shape, and working, and laundry, and...and...and.... The sad thing is that my house is never in shape.

Maybe this is all just a ploy of my sub-conscious to get me out of writing. The only problem with that theory is that I was actually enjoying writing.

Pesky sub-conscious.


At 11/27/2006 12:48 PM, Blogger Thumper wrote:

I think I'm going to fall short for NaNo by about 2000 words. But hey, we're not failing...we got good starts on good stories, right? Right!

At 11/27/2006 2:44 PM, Blogger Julie Carobini wrote:

I've never done the NaNo thing, so my kudos to you for what you've done so far! Yay! Don't give up--maybe you could finish it and rewrite it during the NaNo 2007 (um, you do know that most novels are re-written, right? ;-)

Keep the faith...

At 11/28/2006 9:33 PM, Blogger yellojkt wrote:

Better luck next year. At least it was good practice.


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