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Sweet Precipitation

Saturday, February 24, 2007

(Click on the photos below to see an enlarged version.)

Yesterday, I overheard someone at work – or was it someone on the radio – I can't remember now – saying that we were supposed to get 16 inches of snow over the weekend. It was supposed to start last night (Friday) and continue through Sunday.

I happen to love snow. I don't like shoveling it. I don't like driving in it. But I think it's one of the prettiest of all God's inventions. Up here in frosty Minnesota, it's also a sign that the weather is warming up. I know all you Texans are shaking your pretty heads right now, but it's true. I'm no meteorologist, but I do know this. When the temperature is below zero, it doesn't tend to snow much. It's just too cold. It's this time of year when the thermometer hits the 20s and 30s (farenheit) that we have our snowy days.

Last night, when we left for dinner, it had started to snow...only it wasn't really snow. When I first stepped outside, I thought the Geek had sprinkled some salt on the sidewalk, but then I realized the "salt" was falling from the sky. I reached down and picked up a piece. It squished between my fingers like styrofoam.

As it accumulated, it looked exactly like Dippin' Dots were being served up fresh and frozen all over our sidewalk. I should have gotten a picture. I'm sure it was just somewhere between snow and hail, but it was the funniest looking stuff.

Last night, I awoke to the sound of snow on the roof. Then I realized that snow doesn't make a sound on the roof. I got up and looked out the window. There wasn't a lot of it, and I couldn't see much in the dark. On the ground it looked like snow, yet it made a sort of soft clinking sound when it hit the aluminum awning over our kitchen window. Very weird.

In the morning, there was not much accumulation on the ground, but I got up close to see what this stuff was that was falling on us. It's not snow; it's not quite wet enough to be slush, or sleet; and it's not hail either.

It's looks like God dumped a snow cone on the state of Minnesota overnight – without the flavored syrup, of course. Serious weather weirdness here. Maybe we'll have to start defining our precipitation by the kind of dessert it resembles.

Since this morning, the precipitation has become actual snow, though it's a strange mixture of the little flakes that fall straight down and the big fat ones that kind of float on the air like downy feathers. (I totally get why the Eskimos have so many words for snow!)

Right now, as you can see from this picture, we don't have much accumulation. In fact, it's barely more than a dusting, but we're expecting to end up with anywhere from 9 to 17 inches by tomorrow afternoon. I'm considering this picture my "before" picture. Hopefully tomorrow's picture will be significantly whiter.

Did I mention that I love snow?



At 2/24/2007 4:32 PM, Blogger Jeana wrote:

You got you some Texas snow! Now all you need is for it to warm to slightly more than freezing, then freeze again, then repeat several times until it is one huge block of ice and then you'll know the kind of "snow" we get once or twice a year.


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