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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Great news! I sold my first bookmark! It actually wasn't on Etsy. I had told a few people at work about my Etsy shop and one of them came to my desk yesterday, plopped some money down in front of me and asked me to make her a bookmark. Yay!

Then, when I got home today, I had an email waiting for me from a fellow Etsy seller who had featured one of my bookmarks on her blog. I checked, and while I haven't had any sales yet, I did have quite a lot of people viewing my items today.

What happened is this: I did an Etsy Treasury this weekend, which is essentially a gallery of 12 Etsy items that you like. Any Etsy member can make a Treasury (the limit is 333 treasuries at a time) and generally they are collections of items that are alike in some way. Mine was made up of items that were made of pewter or pewter in color.

One of the items in it was a pretty gray peyote cuff bracelet by SandFibers. In return, she posted a screen shot of my Treasury and my bookmark photo on her blog. You can find them both in this blog post. Just do a find on the word "pewter" or scroll down until you find the Treasury called "Pretty in Pewter".

Austen bookmark in pale green & ivoryBy the way, I added another Austen bookmark to the shop. This one is in a pretty pale green with ivory trim. I have more items to add – something other than Austen bookmarks this time! – just need to get the photos ready to list them.

But right now, I need to get back to NaNoWriMo. I'm a few thousand words behind on my word count, so it's time to go catch up!

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