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Garden Update

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I haven't blogged about gardening for quite a while, and since the garden is doing quite well this year, I thought it was about time for an update. We had a little trouble last year, being in a new place. The spot we chose had been dug up during construction, leaving the soil very thick, heavy clay. The tomatoes died within hours of planting. I tried another spot and it did a little better, but by that time it was too late in the year to get a good garden.

This year, the deer have been doing some serious munching – beans, cucumbers, blueberries have all been damaged to varying degrees. But much of the garden is actually doing quite well. Here are some photos I snapped today while out working in the garden.

The herb garden clockwise from bottom left - chives, thyme, parsley, more chives, basil, and dill. I have so many herbs I'm not sure what to do with them all. The chives and dill will be great with potatoes which I'm just starting to harvest (as you'll see soon). The basil might get made into frozen pesto cubes, or dried for winter use. The parsley though - there's a ton of it, and I don't really use much parsley. I just like to grow it because it's pretty and it grows so well it makes a gardener feel really good about her gardening abilities. Anyone have any good recipes that use parsley?

Aren't these cosmos just so pretty! I love them. They are towering over my peppers though! I didn't realize when I planted those itty bitty seeds just how tall cosmos get. The peppers (see the tiny little plants at the feet of the flowers?) are doing well though despite their gigantic neighbors.

Closeup! Can you spot the peppers? There's one on the left and one on the right hiding in the leaves. These will be beautiful yellow bell peppers when they ripen.

The tomatoes are doing great. They're not tall, but they are definitely bushy and there are tons of tomatoes in there. The only problem is that it's been so cool this summer that they're not ripening. I've heard several people with the same problem. Other than that though, they look great. Hopefully we'll get enough warm, sunny weather before fall to ripen them up.

Here's one of my tomatoes hiding among all those beautiful leaves.

The best reward of veggie gardening. Dinner!



At 8/24/2009 6:33 PM, Blogger TK wrote:

Those potatoes were really yummy!

- The Geek


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