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European Vacation – Bruges, Belgium

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Here it is! The first installment of photos from our sort-of-accidental European vacation!

When I flew out to meet my Sweet Geek, I landed in Amsterdam. We hopped in a rental car and drove directly to Bruges, Belgium, while I tried to stay awake in order to see everything, after a nine hour flight. (I learned on this trip that jet lag is a very, very real thing!)

This is where we had dinner that night – a little Flemish restaurant halfway down a road that looked more like an alley. My Geek (who you see here, smiling nicely for the camera) had the rabbit stew and I had the beef stew. It was not what I typically think of as stew. It was more like a bowl of meat in a yummy, slightly sweet gravy. Very tasty.

The next day we spent all morning in Bruges, just wandering around, seeing what we might see. Bruges is apparently one of the few European cities that did not take significant damage during the wars, so all it's old buildings are still intact. The architecture is intricate and amazing.

This is the central square, or the "Markt", a wide open area with a statue in the middle, surrounded by beautiful old buildings. And lots of bicycles. So many bicycles. They are everywhere in Europe. Wait until we get to Amsterdam. Crazy amounts of bicycles!

This is another side of that same central square. You can climb up in this clock tower, but they weren't open for touring that day, so we just admired it from outside.

Across from the clock tower was this row of little cafes, all with the same awnings and lots of outdoor seating. It was filled with people sipping at their morning coffee (or sipping a glass of white wine at 9 am). My Geek and I sat here for a bit. He had a cup of coffee (when you order coffee there, you get espresso, which he loved!), and I, not being a coffee drinker, had a sparkling water.

These horse-drawn carriages were lined up in a row, waiting for tourists. Bruges is just full of tourists, on buses, in carriages, on foot.

I read somewhere that there are three towers of Bruges. I think this is the same one that we saw in the square, just from the back side.

I loved all these quaint little streets. There was cobblestone everywhere. It looked like something out of a period movie. You just don't see this in the US, except maybe a few places on the East Coast, and even then, they are simply nowhere near as old as this.

In many places there were very modern shops (electronics stores, cell phone stores, etc.) on the ground floor of an ancient building.

Here is the second tower we saw. I don't think we ever saw the third one.

This mime was amazing. When he wasn't moving, he looked just like a statue. There was a couple elsewhere doing the same thing. They were slightly less convincing than this guy, but pretty cool nonetheless.

I think this was the city hall. We saw a wedding party out in front of this building. The smaller building on the left was a museum, but again, they were closed that day. We didn't really mind though.

It was so much fun to just wander the city, oohing and aahing over all the beautiful buildings and quaint streets, and munching on bits of bread torn off of a fresh baguette. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Europe, I would very much recommend visiting Bruges, Belgium.

Next up: an even more quaint (quainter?) little village we stopped at on our way back to Amsterdam.

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At 9/08/2011 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote:

gorgeous! i love the texture-rich details in all the architecture. and... i definitely thought that mime was a statue.

At 9/08/2011 2:04 PM, Anonymous HolyMama! wrote:

yeah, oops. that was me.


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