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A Tale of Two Tales – and One Bag – In Three Parts

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The first tale:

Once upon a time there was a girl named Geekwif who read too many blogs.  However, she was rarely disappointed in the reading of all those blogs and in fact, sometimes a gem would surface that benefited her in ways she could not have forseen.

One of the blogs she enjoyed reading was called U-handblog by Lisa Lam who lived in a land far away across the big pond.  While she loved to see all the photos Lisa posted of the lovely bags she made, she was in no way affiliated with U-handblog and in fact no one affiliated with it even knew who Geekwif was (nor do they to this very day).

Then one day, Lisa Lam completed a wonderful project which she called The Bag Making Bible and Geekwif was consumed with an unexplainable but desperate need to own this book.  So she rushed off to Amazon the market and purchased her copy without hesitation with very little hesitation (as Geekwif was a cheapskate and hardly ever made any purchase without at least some amount of hesitation).

The Bag Making Bible was a wonder to behold indeed, its photos beautiful, its pages sturdy.  She marveled at the practical instruction and advice it contained and ogled the pretty bags she could make.

But alas, it sat on her shelf for several long months before she ever did more than admire its pages.


The second tale:

In the summer of 2011, Geekwif's mother-in-law returned home after a vacation in Tennessee, and shared with Geekwif a photo of a Bible bag she had seen at a bookstore there.  How they oohed and aahed over the pretty bags.  They discussed how Geekwif could make bags like them, how she might modify them with pockets and trim, and how she could sell them on her Etsy shop.

But Geekwif saw something else that day.  She saw a twinkle in her mother-in-law's eye that said that she might like one of these bags for herself.  As Geekwif always had trouble with finding unique and thoughtful gifts that her recipients would love, she formed a plan in her mind to make one of these bags for her mother-in-law for Christmas.

But as she began to plan the design of the bag, she realized that she was missing some of the skills needed to make the bag of which she dreamed.  She imagined a nice square bottom, a pocket or partition large enough to hold a study bible, interfacing that would make it sturdy but not stiff, and when it came time to think of closures – well she had no ideas.

She measured and plotted and planned and while she knew she could make the bag, she also knew that it would not be all that it should be.


The coming together of the two tales:

As the Geekwif puzzled over her bag design, she was suddenly struck with the memory of a book purchased long ago – a book that might hold the answers to her questions.  She scoured her dusty bookshelf and was nearly distracted many times by books she had not used for a very long time; books on paper crafts, sewing and crocheting called to her, begging to be pulled off the shelf.  But she bravely pursued her goal until at long last she found the treasure she sought: The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam

The heavens may not have opened, nor the angels sung that night, but her sewing skills were greatly enhanced as she mined the book for the information she needed.  For that, indeed was – and is – the wonder of this book: that it not only contains patterns and detailed instructions for making beautiful bags in many shapes and sizes, but that it also gives instruction on particular skills that one might need whether making the author's patterns or one's own.

And in the end, after some modifications, Geekwif completed a beautiful bag that she was proud to give as a Christmas gift, with a big pocket for a study Bible, a small divided pocket for pens, remaining space for other trinkets so that it could serve as a purse as well as a Bible bag, a crisp square bottom, and a handy snap closure.

Unfortunately, Geekwif forgot to take completed photos of the bag, so this is the only photo she has of it, before its lining and pockets were inserted.

~~~~~~The End~~~~~~

The Bag Making Bible at Amazon

Lisa Lam's new book, A Bag for all Reasons can be pre-ordered at Amazon

Once again, Lisa Lam, her publishers, Amazon, and anyone else in any way associated with this book have no idea who I am.  I just really, really like the book.

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At 1/24/2012 11:45 AM, Blogger Blond Girl wrote:

Wonderful tale! And something tells me that your lovely MIL would be happy to pose with the completed bag. If not for your blog, at least for you, your family, and the faithful few who know where to find you. Great job!

Oh, and my verification word is Squessum. I see that being a word you would like, somehow. Please tell me what it means.

At 1/24/2012 1:48 PM, Blogger Geekwif wrote:

I do like words with the letter q. (Loquacious, though I am not, is one of my favorite words.)

A squessum, of course, is a hug, similar to a bear hug in that the recipient is engulfed in it, but more gentle. Please tell Sweet Girl that I am sending a squessum her way. :)

At 3/13/2012 3:52 PM, Anonymous HolyMama wrote:

way to go!!!! that's darling!


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