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Three Inches Of Snow – And I'm Okay With That

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's February 21st and winter is finally catching up with us ... well, sort of catching up.

That is to say, we finally got a "real" snowfall; and by "real" I mean something more than an inch.  But with temps in the high 30s, it's not going to stick around very long.

And you know what?  I'm okay with that.  Really okay.  I don't think we've seen a temperature below zero this winter, which is very unusual, and I am definitely okay with that. 

I'm okay with not feeling like I'm freezing my tushy off 95% of the time.  (The 5% when I'm warm is usually only when I'm standing in a hot shower.) 

I'm okay with being comfortable while only wearing two layers of clothing.  (Most winters I'm still cold with three or four layers.) 

I'm okay with the hope that if things keep up this way we may actually see spring before the end of May. 

And that means gardening.  I have big plans for the garden this year: expansion, new beds, a nice neat mowed area around it to keep weeds (and dare I hope, ticks?) out.  My seeds are ordered and my favorite gardening books are sitting on my coffee table along with a notebook and pencil.

I'd be okay with more snow; with as little as we've had this year it could be a dry spring and that is not so good for the garden.  But I would also be very happy if we continued seeing these nice, warm temps.  Yesterday was 42 degrees and sunny.  In February.  If you've ever lived in Minnesota or Wisconsin you know that this is April weather, not February weather.  And I am definitely okay with that.

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At 3/13/2012 3:46 PM, Anonymous HolyMama wrote:

it's REALLY pretty. is it still there?

At 3/13/2012 5:39 PM, Blogger Geekwif wrote:

It *is* pretty, isn't it? Alas, it's gone now ... mostly. Only a few patches of stubborn snow where it was deepest and in the shade. Yesterday it rained all day which got rid of a lot of it, and today it's 62 degrees and sunny. 62! That means green things will be coming soon!

At 5/20/2012 5:31 PM, Blogger Unknown wrote:

In italy we had so much snow.. more than a meter somewhere... i think i have never seen so much snow in my life...


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