“When anybody asks, 'What are you writing about now?' if I try to reply, the book-in-the-works sounds so idiotic to me that I think, 'Why am I trying to write that puerile junk?' So now I give up; if I could talk about it, I wouldn't have to write it."
- Madeleine L'Engle, A Circle of Quiet


The Geek Is In His House And All Is Right With The World

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Geek is home again after another business trip – 3 weeks in China and Singapore this time – and all is right with my little world.  The Traveling Geek Phenomenon did not really come into effect this time – thank goodness.  About the worst that happened was that the mechanism that opens and closes one of my Jeep windows broke, which amounted to a slightly wet back seat (only slightly since it just drizzled a little) and an unexpectedly big bill to fix it. 

There was a good side to this though.  I got to spend two mornings at the local diner for breakfast with my laptop while I waited for the Jeep to be fixed.  Relaxing, tasty, and I got more writing done in two days than I had in the last several months.

So I'm soaking up some good Geek time while I have him here.  I'm even going with him to the office today just so I can spend a couple hours with him in the car.  I guess I'm a bit addicted to him and three weeks of withdrawal has left me kind of desperate and clingy.

In two weeks he'll be leaving and I'll be Geekless again for a while.  Hopefully the Phenomenon will remain inert.  In the meantime I'm going to enjoy some Geeky goodness while I can.


Cloud Pictures

Thursday, August 09, 2012

So, I just finished writing a comment on Holy Mama's blog post about her dog, when I looked out my front window and there was the cutest giant puppy in the clouds. 

I thought maybe I'd take a picture because he was really that cute, but by the time I thought that far and was about to get up to get my iPhone, he had turned into a pig.  Not nearly as cute. 

Then by the time I came here to post about it, he had turned into a hippo.  Even less cute. 

I think I'd better stop looking out my window because the way this cloud is going, pretty soon it's going to turn into a demon or a sith or something and I really don't want to add nightmares to the list of things keeping me awake at night.

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Double Dopplegangers

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I bought some kitty litter yesterday and the picture on the box looked strangely familiar.

By the way, meet the newest member of the Geek household.  His name is Chewbacca (Chewie for short) and he's quite the little crazy cat.  Drives his brothers nuts, but the exercise is good for them.



Strange Bedfellows

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The following is the list of books I have on hold at my local library. 

Is is just me or does this strike anyone else as being kind of strange, even ridiculous?  I think I'll just chalk it up to me being a well-rounded reader. 


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